Stucco Texture Types Available

Stucco texture types are available in the market for the protection and decoration of indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings. It is available in different designs, hundreds of textures and thousand of colors. It is the main choice for restoration workings. There are two main stucco texture types; first one is exterior stucco which has various advantages like Hard Coat Stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish system). For the home construction purpose Hard Coat Stucco is more suitable because it is very economical. So this is also being used for different commercial projects. EIFS is preferred for the construction of commercial building projects, but sometimes it is being used for the custom homes.
Hard Coat Stucco requires 2-3 coats with cement base coat. Two commonly used hard coat stucco texture types are Coat Stucco and three coat stucco.  Typical three coat stucco is consisted of two cement coats and one finish coat. In actual One Coat Stucco has a two-coat process, but it contains one cement base coat and one finish coat. One Coat Stucco is gaining a lot of popular because this stucco is cheaper than the other one. Applications used and the materials used are similar for the both systems but One Coat Stucco requires few steps and less time as compared to the other one. The textures and performance of the both systems are also same but rather than One Coat Stucco. Three Coat Stucco is traditionally powerful and provides great protection against cracking in any situation. For both stucco hard coats require same time and effort.

Stucco texture types provide great choices, but they can be concise into a few, which are; integrally colored Stucco, Painted Stucco, and Acrylic Finishes. Colored stucco was the common choice over three coat stucco for the most of the 20th century. It is a combination of cement, lime, sand and pigment. It is cheap and smooth in application. But if the basic coat is improper it will cause a crack. Colored Stucco get stains and it is very difficult to wash out and also not repairable. Although many stucco texture types have an ability to resist against the water but an improper coat can remove its property of water resistance. All stucco texture types have an almost same mixture of material, including color but colors are less in the ratio. The way of applying is also same and this way, any texture or any design can be made by using these. A wide range of color is available in all the stucco texture types, because of this fact, there is no any issue of color matching. Today the most demanded stucco texture types are Acrylic Stucco and Acrylic Finish.  

All stucco texture types can heal all holes completely. These are great insulators that work in both severe weathers winter and summer. People are using stucco texture of all types according to the overall look and feel of the home and affordability.  If you have decided to use any type from available stucco texture types then it can be your long term investment.

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